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There are two kinds of altars that you deal with: the divine altar, which is the good altar,
and the diabolic altar, which is the bad altar. You cannot have an altar that
is both good and evil at the same time; there is no room for compromise, and
there is no middle ground. Whether you are aware of it or not everyone has an
altar. You must address the foundation, which is an altar, if you wish to
overcome constraints, delay, and stagnation in your life.

Altars are a system of authorizations. By design, man is the only being with the legal right
to communicate with both the spiritual and physical realms. A spirit cannot
descend to work on Earth without an altar. You give permission to good spirits
if you are a child of God, and you give permission to wicked spirits if you are
an evil person. The foundation explains why a child of God can be born again
and yet not recognize God’s presence in their life. There is a protocol in the
spirit: things do not just materialize because you are born again. Your life
becomes less natural and more physical the moment you accept Jesus. God honors
spiritual protocol: He had to make human form to honor that protocol He put in

·        An altar is a place where covenants are made and maintained.

·        An altar is a spiritual foundation.

·        An altar is a platform where the realm of the spirits makes contact with the
physical realm on legal grounds.

·        An altar is a place where destinies are decided. There must be an altar for a
destiny to be a destiny. An altar can redirect your life.

“An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings,
and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I
record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee”, according to
Exodus 20:24. This indicates that there is another altar in heaven if God is
alluding to an altar here on earth. An altar, for good or ill, will function
lawfully once it is set up.

How strong is your altar? When was the last time you fasted or prayed to fortify your altar?
You should occasionally feel spiritually incensed over why your existence is
meaningless when you are aware of your true purpose in life. It is a war, and
there are actual altars. No matter how much knowledge or education one has, if
an altar fights against you, all of your credentials will be rendered useless,
and you will return to the life of an ignorant person.

Psalm 11:3 states, “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do”? The
definition of “foundation” is “the beginning or a point of
origin.” Everybody has an altar, which is a foundation, and this
foundation is inheritable. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, a foundation
exists. Even if you are a righteous person, there needs to be a code of
engagement to fix any flaws in your foundation. Your life will move in circles
if the foundation is faulty, no matter how lovely it appears on the exterior. Faulty
spiritual foundations have what we call spiritual implications.

Joshua 6:26 (ESV) states that Joshua laid an oath on them at that time, saying, “Cursed
before the Lord be the man who rises up and rebuilds this city, Jericho. “At
the cost of his firstborn shall he lay its foundation, and at the cost of his
youngest son shall he set up its gates.” Joshua made a pronouncement and spoke
cursed be a man who rebuilds Jericho. Whoever starts building it, the firstborn
will die and, when he finishes building the youngest will die.

 According to 1 Kings 16:34 (NLT), Hiel, a man from Bethel, rebuilt Jericho during his reign.
He lost his oldest son Abiram as he lay the foundations for it and, it cost him
his youngest son Segub’s life when he finished it and installed its gates. All
this occurred in accordance with Joshua’s son of Nun’s revelation from the Lord
regarding Jericho.

A pronouncement was made based on a prophecy that Joshua had made years prior. Though he had
already passed away, his words did not die. The foundation killed Hiel’s sons.
the Bible does not say whether he was aware of the prophecy, but it was evident
that the person who constructed Jericho would lose both his firstborn and
lastborn children. This demonstrates the power of words uttered on an altar and
the ability to battle inherited giants.  This
verse demonstrates how words power altars. In addition, going back to the
foundation is the only way to correct those words.

There is actual and continuous spiritual warfare going on around us, and it will cost you a lot
to ignore it. You will always create the opposite of what you want to see in
your life, regardless of how brilliant you are, if the foundation is flawed.
You possess the ability and understanding to prevent evil spirits, so do not allow
them to take charge of you. Your generation will inherit them if someone does
not stop them.

Look at life with an eye of the spirit and possess your position!

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