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Why Men Fail Women & Why Women Fail Men: Relationships, Marriage and Sex


Chapter 1: Why Men Fail Women
Why Women Fail Men
Chapter 2: Don’t Waste Time with Time-Wasters
Don’t Crown a Clown and Expect a King
Chapter 3: Stupid Questions Women Ask Men
Chapter 4: Questions a Woman Should Ask in the Beginning of a Relationship
Chapter 5: Communication Assassins
Chapter 6: Competition, the Fight You Can Never Win
Chapter 7: Why Men Cheat (And What You Can Do About It)
How to Stop a Man From Cheating
Chapter 8: Why Cheating Devastates a Marriage
How to Deal With The Aftermath Of a Lie
Chapter 9: Money and Relationship / Marriage
Chapter 10: Black Love is in the Red
Why You Need Mentorship.

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Hash tag Relationship goals is trending everywhere on social media. Half of the world’s population is single and looking for love, and the ones who are married are struggling to stay in love.

Great love is not found but built, which requires a strong found but build, which requires a strong foundation of privileged information. There are secrets to how men think that he needs you to know but will not tell you. Without that knowledge, you will sabotage your relationship right from the start. And there are ways to position yourself as a women that will help you to attract an keep the man God has for you.

In Why Women Fail Men & Why Men Fail Women, life strategist and relationship coach Dr Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi shares inside information that gives you the competitive advantage so that in a world full of breakups and divorce, you will build a relationship that works and a marriage that lasts.


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