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Impartation is essential for personal growth and reaching new levels in life. It has the power to transform and rewrite one’s life, leading them in a positive direction. Impartation is a real phenomenon that can help individuals unlock their potential and fulfill their calling. It is important to seek out those who are already operating in the desired calling to receive impartation.

It is only within the body of Christ can someone truly know they are called by God and conclude that if God called them, only God can capacitate them. The gifts and abilities a person have are given by God for the benefit of others and to bring glory to Him. Ultimately, everything a person achieves as a man of God is through the grace and power of God.

Impartation is seen as a powerful tool for changing one’s life and fortunes, especially when faced with challenges and meeting someone who can impart knowledge or resources to you can lead to significant improvements in your life. The enemy wants you to believe that seeking impartation is a waste of time and effort, yet in the unholy world, they believe so much in releasing what one has to the next person. Throughout the Bible, we see the power and wisdom behind the mystery of impartation.

In the book of Genesis, the word tells us that Jacob was running away from his brother Esau, because he had stolen his blessing. He came to a place where he slept on top of a rock and behold he had a dream, in this dream  he saw a long lander and within he saw angels ascending and descending and God was seating on top of the lander.  When Jacob woke up, he said God is in this place and he named that place Bethel. Meaning the House of God. The conclusion here is that Jacob was a dreamer. The Bible further tells us that Jacob had 12 sons, one of whom was Joseph, who also had the gift of dreaming. Jacob made a special coat of many colors for Joseph, signifying an impartation of power and authority. The brothers envied Joseph because of this special coat, as it symbolized his unique position within the family. A coat is known as a mantle. A mantle is what makes man to become man of power in the realm of man. Jacob had imparted Joseph with a gift of dreaming.

When God begins to raise a men and gives them gifts, God does not give gifts to men for them to die with it, but so that they can share and distribute the gifts. This is illustrated by the story of Saul who began to prophecy after meeting a group of prophets, despite not having the prophetic lineage. This shows that gifts and abilities can be imparted by others, regardless of one’s background.

The true essence of life lies in one’s inner qualities and spiritual richness rather than external possessions. It is important to pass down positive values and beliefs to future generations for a secure and fulfilling legacy.

The word from Romans 1:11 says For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift; to the end ye may be established. The word highlights the importance of impartation and imparting spiritual gifts to others in order to help them be established. Impartation is very important in the body of Christ because impartation is to be given access to operate into someone’s grace. If you are a spiritual person without spiritual gifts you are disadvantaged, this emphasizes the significance of spiritual gifts in the body of Christ and encourages believers to desire and operate in the gifts of the spirit.


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  • Esther Godia
    Posted June 1, 2024 at 5:16 am

    Hello there man of God …..My name is Esther and I live in the state of Illinois in the United States with my family .I have been listening to you for a while now, and I thank God that I found you .Listening to you propelled me to a whole new spiritual level .I got fired up like never before .I really wanted to speak with you personally but I don’t even know if that is possible .I have some personal spiritual issue I would like to let you know .The devil did me a number, and the fallout from that has devastated my family. I almost gave up from pursuing what God has put in my spirit .The warfare was unfathomable .You can contact me using my email if possible .Thanks

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