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  • Your time does not come because you deserve it.

-Time gives you access to things that you can not fathom on your own.

-When it is your time it does not matter the matter.

  • Some of you think the enemy is fighting you. The enemy is not fighting you but fighting your time.
  • He knows that once he stops your time you will be everywhere but nowhere and try all thigs yet nothing works out.
  • In Ecclesiastes 9:11 Solomon was saying I compared the spiritual to the natural. Meaning that God is not responsible for someone’s poverty.
  • There is a chance and a time to be what God wants you to be.
  • Do not see some things happening in your life as things happening, see them as time unfolding.
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1
  • A season is subject to a year. The year is not subject to the season. In order to win a year you need to win a season. Example…there are four seasons in a year for us in SA not vice-versa.
  • A season determines your attitude. It changes you, your attitude and your approach.
  • Every season requires a new you, new attitude and new approach.
  • You need to understand which season it is of your life. Eg if you approach winter with a mindset of summer you are in trouble.
  • To conquer a month you must conquer a week. To conquer a week you mist conquer a day. Hence David says this is the day the Lord has made.
  • Your time is in your season.
  • If you do not understand your season you will miss your time.
  • You can’t always be disappointed, always complaining, always murmuring. It is either you missed your time, or you did not recognise that you missed your time.

-Ignorance is what the enemy uses to keep believers in one place.

  • Ignorance is in 3 dimensions:
  1. Being misinformed
  2. Being uninformed
  3. Rejecting knowledge
  • Joel 2: 24-26

-God creates a moment in time. You must seize the moment.

“Some of us come into your life like keys.”

“When you have seen me you have seen your destiny helper.”

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  • Melinda Fowler
    Posted December 6, 2023 at 9:50 am

    Let God be Glorified.

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