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In the book of Ephesians 6:12 says for we rustle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The scripture says that Paul repeats the word “against” because it refers to four distinct entities that represent four types of enemies that need to be dealt with. Spiritual wickedness is where witchcraft comes. Witchcraft is to be held captive spiritually and a practice of black magic that involves hiring evil spirits to oppress, torment and control individuals, forcing their will to take shape in the person being bewitched.

Everyone has dreams and desires, known as personal will, but not everything they desire happens in their lives.  When you are bewitched or become captivated by events in your life, it is often because someone else has a specific desire or influence over you and individuals may often find themselves compelled to do things they do not want to do. In the realm of spiritual civilization, it is spirits that engage in battles with each other, it is important to engage in spiritual warfare rather than physical battles.  For example, the Bible discusses a supernatural wind that Jesus and his disciples encountered while crossing to the land of Gadarenes, suggesting that it was not a natural occurrence but rather a spiritual phenomenon.  In the book of Job, the scripture says, show me the address of light who knows the dwelling of light, who knows where light resides. On the same scripture, it tells us darkness has his dwelling place and both light and darkness have their addresses. When a person hires a spirit to take over their will, it can inhibit their personal growth and lead to negative manifestations in their life. Using natural means to solve spiritual technologies will hinder progress in your life.

 The distinction between dealing with a witch and dealing with witchcraft, is by removing what attracts witches to you, therefore you become invisible to them. Failure to address the spirit of witchcraft will result in it being passed down through generations, affecting not only the individual but also their descendants. When witches go and hire a spirit, the requirement for them is to have an altar on which they will perform sacrifices. One can choose to have a spiritual connection through an earthly altar or a divine altar in heaven. Revelation 8 describes a golden altar located before the throne of God. This emphasizes the importance of having an altar for a covenant to be valid and an altar serves as a backup or symbol of the agreement.

In Acts 13, a sorcerer bewitched an entire community, highlighting a common occurrence where people in communities can be influenced or deceived in similar ways. Witches tend to work between the hours of 12 am and 5 am, known as the third and fourth watch, as the enemy tends to operate under the cover of darkness.


  1. You have diseases that cannot be diagnosed.
  2. You constantly see shadows around you, yet there is one around you. You feel monitored.
  3. You are rejected by everyone for no reason, even when people promise to help you.
  4. You used to be brilliant at school, but no longer the same.
  5. You drink alcohol uncontrollably.
  6. You have a bad smell; it doesn’t matter what you use the bad foul is still there.
  7. You dream of eating and drinking and when you wake up you have stomach pains, or something is moving inside of you.
  8. You feel lonely and lost even though you have people around you.
  9. You hurt everyone that tries to bring happiness to your life. You always think everyone can be replaceable.
  10. Once you are involved in something, nothing works out, even the people you connected to their lives start to go down.
  11. Unexplainable miscarriages.
  12. Extreme forgetfulness.
  13. You hear voices and do not know the source. Example these voices tell you to commit suicide.
  14. Nothing works, educated or not.
  15. Financial difficulties in a sense of money comes in to go out.
  16. You always feel discouraged.
  17. Bad luck
  18. You are always seeing snakes in your dreams.
  19. Spiritual husbands and wives.
  20. Lazy to pray, fast and read the Bible.

Witchcraft is so dangerous that it can affect individuals regardless of their religious beliefs or if one goes to church constantly. Many people are being affected by witchcraft due to their lack of knowledge about spiritual matters. The Bible emphasizes the importance of putting on the armor of God to become a powerful and unstoppable force.


  1. Prayer
  2. Fasting
  3. Sacrifice, the sacrifice should go in hand with a prayer altar.
  4. When you silence bloodline curses.


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