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Many individuals are facing difficulties in achieving their goals because of soul ties, which are hindering their ability to produce results. There is ignorance within the body of Christ regarding various spiritual topics such as altars, ordinances, elements, portals, interaction with the spiritual realm, and the ministry of Angels.

What are Soul ties?

Soul ties are a strong spiritual connection between two individuals. The concept of a soul tie describes two spirits coming together to form a single bond. Soul ties are strong emotional connections between individuals that go beyond normal boundaries or crossed the line of the natural.

The issue of soul ties is significant because you are a three dimensional being, which is a spirit possessing a soul and living in a body. God has a relationship with one’s spirit and is focused on nurturing one’s soul, but Satan manipulate a person’s physical desires and urges in order to influence their thoughts and emotions, ultimately trying to gain control over their soul. One’s soul is divided into three parts, similar to the spirit, which is the mind, will, and emotions. The mind thinks, the will chooses, and emotions drive action. This tells us that whoever has control over your soul ultimately shapes your thoughts, actions, and decisions. While people may think they are in control of their thoughts and actions, it is actually their soul that ultimately determines the outcome. It is important to break ungodly soul ties, as being attached to someone diabolic and evil will result in producing negative outcomes regardless of one’s location or identity

1 Samuel 18 :1 the Bible tells us that the enemies of the Israelites were after Saul and his seed Johnathan but after David killed Goliath the philistines were afraid of David, which made them to also be afraid of Jonathan due to the strong spiritual connection, or soul tie, he had with David. Johnathan was feared because he was closely connected to a champion, resulting in him achieving success effortlessly. The scripture describes how Jonathan secretly warned David that his father wanted to kill him, as Jonathan felt a strong connection to David and wanted to protect him. It came a time where Jonathan had to make a difficult decision between his father and his friend David, ultimately choosing his father and becoming disconnected from David. The Philistines knew that Johnathan was in a covenant with David and cannot touch him, but as soon as the covenant was broken, they killed Johnathan, meaning he lost the connection to the light that David possessed. . In this case the soul tie of David and Johnathan was Godly and divine but there are other soul ties that are diabolic that as long as you are attached to them you will produce negative results.

In Bible on 1 Corinthians 6:16 states that a person who engages in sexual acts with a harlot becomes one in spirit and soul with them. This strong bond is formed when two individuals who have shared physical, spiritual, or emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is not a requirement for forming a spiritual connection or soul tie with someone, words and feelings have the power to create a strong emotional connection between people, known as a soul tie. Some individuals form soul ties with others due to the vows and promises they have made to them. Making a vow can cause your soul to become intertwined with another person’s, leading to a dependence on them for your sense of self-worth. When that person leaves your life, it can leave you feeling empty and lost. A lot of people because of sexual immorality you allow demons to gain power over your life and have opened a door for demons to legally arrest your destiny.

Many destinies have been disrupted or controlled by soul ties. One can inherit curses from parents or previous generation and once you are connected to someone with these curses can result in inheriting them as well. This can bring negative consequences that were not originally meant for you. In most cases when you separate with that particular person your thoughts will always be consumed by that person. Despite making promises to never go back to a that person, you often end up returning to them months later. You constantly dreaming about this particular person or people, this shows that your connection is not physical but spiritual and you have what we call soul tie. Two individuals have power within a relationship, with one potentially having less power than the other. in the Bible on Luke1:80 it says that John grew strong in the spirit, meaning that you can encounter someone with a stronger soul which can lead to your own soul submitting to theirs, leaving you vulnerable to the same spiritual attacks they face.

It is important to address issues of soul ties and taking action to resolve them, as they will not go away on their own. Soul ties are not affected by time, as they hold a power that transcends temporal limitations, regardless of when they were formed. Time has no power and authority over spiritual matters. Once you know there is something wrong by the spirit of God and revelation, and able to trace back, this is the time to break free from ungodly soul ties.

How to break soul ties

  1. Fasting. Be international because this is for your personal growth and development. This is the moment you capacitate your soul. Write down names that your intuition is drawing you towards, as your spirit is aware of the mistakes that were made, begin to pray and disconnect yourself from those people.
  2. Feed your spirit with the word of God by consistently confessing it to yourself. As you continue to immerse yourself in the word of God, you will find that your spirit naturally pushes away those that are burdensome or destructive, leading you in a more positive direction.
  3. You need to physically block certain individuals from all aspects of your life, including social media platforms.



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  • Jennifer
    Posted March 25, 2024 at 7:34 am

    Such a powerful message. Thank you Apostle.

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